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SAMAAJ is pleased to introduce the the globally acclaimed Maker Fest in Pakistan. Maker Fest features exceptional creative projects to celebrate and strengthen the maker community while advancing economic growth.

As an open to public event, Maker Fest Pakistan invites artists, engineers, tech enthusiasts, crafters and innovators of all sorts from across the country to demonstrate their new-fangled application of ideas before a fascinating and intelligently keen gathering of spectators.

Maker Fest Pakistan is the continuation of the internationally renowned Maker Faire spreading across America, Europe, Africa, Japan and parts of Asia. Originally launched in California, USA in 2006, the Maker Faire now draws hundreds of thousands of attendees twice a year around the globe.

Whether you’re a hobbyist sculptor carving out intricate three-dimensional works of art, a painter creating magical images through brush strokes or a technical geek making gadgets like robots, printers or programmable devices, you fall under the category of a maker. Making ranges from anything as basic as creating handmade crafts to experimenting with the emerging wave of new generation technology.

Creative innovation taking place inside the confines of study spaces, shops, garages and computer labs often remains concealed within the four walls. Also, it’s not commonly visible within the spheres of the traditional arts and crafts events. With their passions gone to pieces, the makers often complain about being clueless to get their work notified. The Maker Fest Pakistan thus, unleashes the incredible talent of rather undiscovered makers from all corners of Pakistan who are using their creative skills to make and design miraculously spectacular self-made products.

Not only does the Maker Fest provide makers with a platform to showcase their passionate innovations but also connects the aspiring entrepreneurs with leading local business community and investors from Pakistan to share, inspire and exchange ideas.

We encourage you all to chip in to strengthen a huge community of Makers in Pakistan to bring forth a transformative impact on our future.