Why Maker Fest Pakistan?

Remember when we were kids? When our imagination got the better of us and our minds, dreams and aspirations created an augmented reality for us? The glee we had and the hope in our eyes of the unlimited possibilities of all we could achieve, if we only put our minds to it? Gladly though, most[…]

How to Make your Own Seashell Jewelry

Want to learn how you can turn your shells into beautiful seashell jewelry such as necklaces, pendants and earrings? Things you need: 1. Hollow seashells 2. Hole making tool 3. Earring hook 4. Bead or decorative pearl How to make: 1. Puncture a hole on the top most side of a seashell 2. Insert the[…]


Using a mouse is not really in fashion these days but for all those who might like to use it, here are a few very simple steps to follow Things you need: 1. Wooden base or cardboard 2. Fabric 3. Scissors 4. Pen/marker 5. Got glue How to make: 1. Lay wooden base/cardboard on the[…]


Follow the steps below to make your very own beautiful piece of a leather necklace that you can flaunt at any upcoming occasion Things you need: 1. Paper 2. Pen/pencil 3. Scissors 4. Leather cords or three colors (for this we have red, brown and black) 5. Metal rings 6. Leather of three colors (for[…]


Ever thought about making your own hanging pin board? Here’s a step by step guide to help you make one 🙂 What you need: 1. Cardboard (cut into the shape and size you want) 2. Soft fabric (enough to cover your cardboard) 3. Hot glue 4. String 5. Scissors 6. Pen/pencil How to make: 1.[…]


How about adding this creative idea to your upcoming new year resolutions? DIY CALENDAR CLIPBOARD Things you need: Print out calendar pages (or draw them yourself) Clipboard Spray-paint (color of your choice) How to make: Spray paint the clipboard into the color and design you want. Clip the calendar pages you prepared. Place it on[…]

How to make hot glue jewellery?

Hot Glue DIY Jewellery Here’s the how to do guide for all those interested in making hot glue DIY jewellery. Things you need: Hot glue gun Chain Charm Hanger Decorative beads or studs or diamonds Glitter How do make your Necklace: Cut the shape/draw the design you want on a colorful piece of paper. Put hot glue[…]

Some DIY gift ideas for EID!

Eid is all about sharing love and happiness. Back in the day, Eid Cards used to be a big thing in Pakistan but waqt has changed and waqt kay saath saath digital ways to express greetings have replaced the conventional mediums. This Eid, Maker Fest Pakistan is bringing you some exciting ideas for self-made gifts[…]

DIY Candles at Home!

Kabhi aap nay kisi ko candles gift ki hain? Candles are cute little gifts, aren’t they? Now imagine making someone candle with your own hands, it gives your gift an extra, personalized touch! 🙂 When most people think about making candles, though, they think about following mushkil mushkil instructions, and purchasing a ton of expensive[…]

Let’s rename Faisalabad after Nusrat

Tech giant Google celebrates Nusrat, one of the most influential music-makers of Asia. He was born and raised in Lyallpur, a city named after the Lieutenant Governor of the Punjab, James Broadwood Lyall by the British. Later, the Pakistani government changed the name of the city to Faisalabad in honor of King Faisal of Saudi[…]