DIY Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners are everywhere these days. Why not try making one yourself?

Pencil ($3 for box of 12,
Sheet of cardboard, cut into two 2.75″ by 2.75″ squares
Four nickels
One dime
Washi tape ($7 for 10 rolls,
Flower embellishments ($3,
Scissors ($6 for set of 2,
Ruler ($4 for set of 4,
Craft glue ($4,
Needle ($5 for set of 25,
Wire ($4,
Four small beads ($11 for kit,
Round nose pliers ($5,
Wire cutters ($7,

1. Draw a vertical and horizontal line through the center of the cardboard square to create four equal parts.
2. Center a nickel on top of the cardboard square, using the lines from step one as a guideline. Trace semi-circles with a pen or pencil. Repeat on all four sides.
3. Connect the semicircles with diagonal lines.
4. Draw a circle at the center of the cardboard square by tracing a dime.
5. Trace two nickels onto a separate sheet of cardboard and cut out the pieces. These will be the center covers.
6. Cut out the fidget spinner template.
7. Add a splash of color to the pattern, center covers and four nickels by wrapping them with washi tape.
8. Glue nickels onto the template to create four balanced weights, one at each end.
9. Using a needle, pierce a hole through the center of the template and the two center covers.
10. Insert your first bead into the pin, followed by the first center cover, a second bead, the template, a third bead, the second center cover, and finally, the fourth bead.
11. Secure with round nose pliers.
12. Trim off excess wire with a side cutter or wire cutter.
13. Decorate with floral embellishments.
14. Spin!