DIY Smart Phone Speaker

A very simple and easy solution if you’re in need of a speaker and just don’t have a real one handy.

Lifehacker posted this Smart Phone instant speaker on their website and we were kind of blown away by the simplicity of this. We immediately tried it ourselves and it really works. It’s obviously not going to give you the blow your mind sound a real speaker would, but, it still works.

We’re not really sure we’d recommend this for party use, but maybe if you’re broke and just can’t afford a new speaker or dock &mdash this is your go to solution.

When placing the smart phone in the glass, make sure you place it speaker side down. That will ensure the phone uses the entire glass to project the sound. We only tried it in our kitchen for the length of about half a song with no other noise in the house. We’re not sure if we believe it would be loud enough to drown out the sound of a shower. We’ll leave that testing up to you!