Pakistani students make ‘Automated Mirror Testing Machine’

Three students, Syed Abu Talib Naqvi, Muhammad Shamshirur Rehman, and Abu Hurairah Mehboob, from the Iqra University of Karachi, has built an automated mirror testing machine which they are going to present in Thailand’s Stanford International University this year.

The automobile industry has always been hot in Pakistan where even students are contributing to it in one way or another as three students, studying electrical engineering, from IU revolutionized the industry with their new innovation.

Iqra University official Facebook page posted, “IU students are being appreciated for their groundbreaking success, which will revolutionize the automobile industry. The invention of an Automated Mirror Testing Machine can test side mirrors in half the time as compared to manual conventional methods.”

It took them about nine to ten months to devise such a machine which can trace the errors in side mirrors of automobiles by taking half the time of what a human being usually fixes it in.

On September 7, the team from IU Karachi will present their project at Thailand’s Stanford International University.