Why Maker Fest Pakistan?

Remember when we were kids? When our imagination got the better of us and our minds, dreams and aspirations created an augmented reality for us? The glee we had and the hope in our eyes of the unlimited possibilities of all we could achieve, if we only put our minds to it?

Gladly though, most of us never let our inner child die as we went on creating and innovating anything our mind could conjure. In the current era of do-it-yourselfers, everyone has a form of expression and a voice and some talent that could echo through the world. If there is something our mind could picture, and there are some tools around us, we could make anything. Be it a robot or a toy or a painting or a short film or absolutely anything.

We like to call ourselves “Makers”. Anyone who can make something is a Maker. And Makers make the world. Makers are the people who construct and prosper societies into new epochs and it’s the Makers who allow greatness to follow nations.
Unfortunately, though, a lot of youth in Pakistan is demoralized because they feel like they don’t have enough resources to materialize their imagination or the ones who do end up creating something don’t have a platform to share it with the mass community.

Worry not my dear fellows; for your youthful efforts are yet to be fruited. The Makers Movement is an enormous gathering of any category of DIY artists, engineers, graphic designers and many more Makers who wish to be given a stage to demonstrate their handicraft to a large mass of people.

The Maker Fest Pakistan was held on the 27th and 28th of July 2017 at Faletti’s Hotel and provided opportunities to those young innovators who don’t have any opportunity to exhibit their work, otherwise.

So, let’s join this movement and give ourselves a chance and let’s believe in ourselves this one time. Let’s not disappoint our inner child and let’s not demoralize the mini-mes we left behind. Let’s be heroes and create something extraordinary and seize this chance and take the risk because this is your time to shine and to advertise your expertise in the upcoming Maker Fest editions in Pakistan.